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KristinaOers PRO+
KristinaOers September 27, 2020
Great pov!! what funny floors they have 😁
Ciego64 PRO
Ciego64 February 12, 2022
Great perspective choice!!
melissajackson_0028 PRO+
Amazing shot! Very original!
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Antwerp, Belgium right across from the Antwerpen Central train station. There was a small carnival set up there with small rides for the children, arcade booths and a rather large ferris wheel.
I wanted to try some night photography. Since it doesn't get dark until very late in the evening I set out from my hotel around 11pm and walked around the streets on Antwerp. Funny thing is that I walked through the carnival, saw the ferris wheel and paid no attention to it. I was looking for unique opportunities to photograph. After about an hour of walking until midnight, I came back to the far end of the carnival and sat down looking at the front of the Central train station facade through the ferris wheel. The train station is beautiful lit at night and I wanted a straight on shot but the Ferris wheel was in the way. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't get the shot that I wanted. So I walked to the ferris wheel ready to scream at it for being in my way and just as I was walking past it I looked up for no good reason at realized this is a cool shot and took it.
I turned off my flash because the ferris wheel was providing ample light for a capture. The cloudy sky provide the perfect seamless backdrop for the capture.
This was shot with a Nikon D850 at 1/125 4.5 120mm ISO2500.
I think it was the "WOW" factor of being so close to the ferris wheel and the perspective of looking up at it. The clean lines and subtle details of the carriages along with the designed lighting patterns on the ferris wheel peaked my interest once I stopped and looked at it.
This is the original photo with no post editing.
In my camera bag
I am not one who caries a camera store in my bag. I will carry with me my Nikon D850 or D750. I carry a flash, extra batteries, a couple of filters, extra CF and SD cards. Minimal cleaning gear.
Photography is about the eye first and then the device second. The photographers eye will see the subject. The next step is to look at the subject and then try to find and define all of its qualities that will make for a great capture. My advice is to never prejudge anything when out photographing. I was not happy that I couldn't get my planned shot of the train station. But instead, I was able to get this shot simply because I stopped seeing past the ferris wheel and looked at it.

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