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Sanitising our hands is an imperative during the Covid19 Pandemic.

Sanitising our hands is an imperative during the Covid19 Pandemic.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my kitchen at home in Canberra Australia. The hand model is my wife. We live in a modern apartment which has many great locations for photography. I have a small home studio here as well where I do actors and models headshots, portraits and fashion. There are also many great exterior locations in our complex which I use for fashion and product shots as needed.
It was taken at noon.
I wanted this image to be high key in that typical product photography style that I really love. So to get my whites as white as possible I lit with available light from a large window and then filled from above with daylight down lights in the kitchen. Then I exposed to the right without blowing the highlights to get the look I knew I wanted. I wanted it to look clean and fresh to tell the sanitiser story. So I went for the pastel colours you see here.
I used my Olympus EM1 Mk2 with Olympus 12-40mm 2.8 Pro lens - on my Manfrotto D55 tripod with 410 head.
I was actually inspired to take the shot by the Viewbug call for this 'Staying Safe' Contest. It was taken specifically for this contest. So I asked my self what we do to stay safe during Covid 19 and the bog one was to keep our hands sanitised.
My editing work flow was to open in Camera Raw change to Adobe Portrait Mode ( I like it for skin tones) - adjust black (-20) and white (+44) reduce highlights (-100) Then open in Photoshop. Denoise (I use NEAT), sharpen and then create a white vignette with a curves brush and add a second vignette over this with a full colour white brush to get the edges to the look I wanted - washed out but not blown out and as white as possible..
In my camera bag
I shoot exclusively Olympus and what I have in my bag depends on what I am shooting. When I am at home as I was for this shot of course I have the full array of my kit available to me which includes a full lighting kit and almost every lens Olympus has produced.. But when I travel typically in my Manfrotto Messenger Blue Bag 2 EM1 Mk2 bodies with the Olympus 12-100 Tele and the Panasonic 100-400 Tele. For macro I will usually carry my Olympus 60mm as well. I will also carry a few filters - ND and Polar, spare cards, spare batteries, headlamp, cleaning cloths etc.
For any product photography like this select your location to suit the topic and product. Be careful about everything in the frame and remove anything not relevant. Expose to the right as far as possible but keep your ISO a low as possible which means using plenty of light. I a model is involved choose the wardrobe carefully. For this high key style light complimentary pastel colours. Keep your aperture as wide as you can to blur the background. Here is my EXIF data so you can see what I used: f/3.2 1/60s ISO500

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