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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my bedroom, facing my window.
It was early, sun- filled afternoon when I took this photo. I was searching for the best light streaming into my home and it wasn't hard to find.
I wanted to create an artistic, multiple exposure image so I needed light that would be easy to work with, but that would help create an image that was beautiful and soft. I had a thin curtain blocking off majority of the incoming light so that it wasn't too harsh.
I used my Nikon d610 and my wonderful little nifty fifty - 50mm prime lens.
I have been inspired by many other's self portraits during this season and I wanted to create an image that was beautiful, but also interesting to look at. I love to play with multiple exposure, I find it challenging, but when I can reach my goal it is so rewarding. I am thrilled with how this image turned out.
I used my in camera multiple exposure option, so the only post processing I did was tweak the colors to create a vintage, film vibe that I love.
In my camera bag
I don't like to carry too much equipment with me, I like to keep things simple. Right now I am loving my Nikon D610- it has been an incredible camera body, I'm not ready to upgrade yet. I also love my sigma art 35mm 1.4 and my 50mm - nifty fifty never lets me down.
When approaching a self portrait, I like to stay open minded and not approach it with too much of a plan. I like to move around a lot and use different textures and fabrics paired with movement to create an image that speaks volumes. Place your camera somewhere safe, in your favourite lighting - I would highly recommend just facing a window for images like the one here. Don't be limited by "rules" that you may have heard- allow yourself to get creative and try things you haven't seen before. I also would highly recommend playing with multiple exposure and see what you can create when two images collide.

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