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Taking some shots at home as we are all locked up

Taking some shots at home as we are all locked up
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MarilynDavies January 16, 2021
Beautifully composed and outstanding result!
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Behind The Lens


During lockdown, my Son was playing one of his 3 guitars, and I asked him if he would place it on the dining room table for me to take some photos. This is in our house in Torbay, Auckland, New Zealand. I took a number of different pictures at this time


It was taken at 12h17, just after midday on the 10th of April, the day was sunny


There are windows on all three sides of the dining room, and I had the guitar placed in such a way that there was no direct light in the direction of the camera, but there was a window in line with the bottom of the guitar on the left side as I looked at it. I did not use any other lighting. The room is very light and being mid day, there was more than enough natural light.


I used my Canon 600D with a kit lens 55-250. The camera was on a tripod which is over 30 years old. There was no filter on the lens, just a glass protector, and I used a YouPro remote wireless trigger.


New Zealand had quite a strict lockdown from the 27th of March, so by this time I was suffering from cabin fever. My son practices with his guitars for 3 hours every day, and he was playing with one and the other was just standing next to him on a stand. It was more of an impulse, to just take photos again. I cleared the table and placed the guitar in the position I wanted. I wanted to get a shallow depth of field, with just a small portion of the photo in focus.


I did very little post-processing, and the original RAW file looks almost identical to the finished product. I use Paint Shop Pro and used the Brightness and Contrast agustment very slightly.

In my camera bag

My main camera is a Canon 5D Mk11, backed up by the Canon 600D. I have both a 28mm and 50mm prime lenses, a Canon 75-300, A Canon 18-55 and a Canon 55-250. I have two flash units both Yongnuo YN560's with a wireless flash controller. A sleeve with an array of filters from ND through to coloured filters for B&W, cleaning kit, remote shutter release, spare batteries, 3 plastic bags for rainy weather and an old external handle which connects to the tripod connector for when I am taking photos and really need to hold on to the camera. The bag is Lowepro, but the model details have worn away.


Going for a photo where only a small portion of the picture is in focus can be challenging in that you might not see it perfectly on the display screen, so make sure you take enough shots and vary the focus. If you are going to use manual focus, then a tripod and remote shutter release is very important so that the focus does not change. There are many things lying around the house that can become a project.

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