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bobbytaylor71 PRO
bobbytaylor71 May 19
Magnificent, creative and skillfully captured image/scene ... Congrats on your award.
lauragardner PRO
lauragardner May 19
Thank you so much!
amandawunder PRO+
amandawunder May 20
Great statement
lauragardner PRO
lauragardner May 21
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a short hiking trail not far from my home in south central North Dakota.
This was taken in the late afternoon about three weeks into quarantine. We live in a small town and have to drive 45 minutes one way before coming across a stoplight, Target, and anything open 24 hours a day. I was just coming back from having lab work done at a clinic in a neighbor town 25 miles away. I had called my husband to see if he and our daughters wanted to go for a quick drive to break up our day before we started making supper. I had seen a lot of ducks and various animals as I traveled the two lane highway home in the late afternoon.
I really lucked out on this. The lighting wasn’t perfect but it was pretty camera friendly.
My Canon 6D is my fifth child and goes everywhere with me. I had my 100-40mm Canon lens on in hopes of getting a few shots of the cranes that were passing through.
We had decided to stop on our drive and hit this short rural hiking trail. When we got out of our truck, my middle daughter grabbed our emergency tp baggie. I thought it was odd as this wasn’t a long trail at all and something we’ve hiked before but who am to judge a girl for being prepared! As we made our way down the trail the girls told me to be ready to take a picture. This threw me off as they’ve never ‘planned’ out photos before. I stopped and they went a little further ahead of me as I sat clueless as to what their plans were. All the sudden I heard the older two yell for their little sister to run. That’s when I realized why the tp had joined us for our little hike! And that’s how ‘Clean Get Away’ came to be!
I really didn’t do much other than a tiny bit of straightening and a little bit of lightening the exposure.
In my camera bag
I generally have either my 16-35mm and 50mm very close by. They are my go to’s when I’m with my kids and or hiking. I also have a Canon 100-400, which is what was incidentally used for this photo. I was hoping to get some great birding shots. My 24-105mm and 20mm Canon also live in my gear bag and pop out for monthly appearances.
I think some of the best pictures are the ones you don’t necessarily plan for....granted my girls planned this one. I think not being in the loop made it better as I was laughing out loud as they chased after my youngest daughter. This led the older two to yell and really run after their fleeing sister! I’m glad we were in an isolated rural setting as anyone who would have witnessed this probably would have thought we had a few screws loose!

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