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Behind The Lens

I took this photo during a portrait photo meet-up in Logan Square on the 606 bike trail.
The time was nearing golden hour time. So back then it was most likely around 6 or so in the afternoon.
Honestly, I wanted this image to truly standout. With the golden light beaming out from the corner onto the model's lovely red hair, I wanted her to be a mystery. I wanted her to be the center of attention & be seen as a chosen one of the sort; where the light is picking her of all the people to make shine.
I used my Canon 5D Mark IV
Nothing really inspired me to take the photo at the time. I've always enjoyed taking portraits & this was my really big first meet-up to do so. As a result, I kind of let my mind wander and see what wonders I could make happen.
Yes! At first, I really just used Lightroom to do some basic tonal adjustments. Bring the shadows down, raise the highlights a little, bring the setting to a warmer scenario, etc. Then I brought the photo to Photoshop where I specifically focused on narrowing down the colors even more and blend it around her red hair. Afterward, I messed with lighting to put her as the center of attention and draw any viewers in rather than on the background. Besides that, I did some basic retouching at that was it.
In my camera bag
Normally: 5D Mark IV, Tamron 24-70 2.8, Canon 35-70 4.0, DJI Mavic Pro, extra batteries, cleaning products and that is about it.
Rely on the weather, light, and model. Let them bring the vision to you and follow through with it. Additionally, be creative and follow what you want to capture. Don't compare, but learn and enjoy.

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