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Prepare dough for bread.

Prepare dough for bread.
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Behind The Lens

The picture was taken during the Covid 19 pandemic in our home kitchen.
Around noon when the sun shone through the windows and lit up the table.
I used the natural light of the sun and looked for the optimal angle in order not to create disturbing shadows.
The picture was taken freely with my Canon 7D classic and the 24-105mm / f4 lens without flash and additional lighting.
I wanted to capture the traditional baking craft in the blink of an eye. Rough and originally like the beginnings of bakers.
The picture was taken in RAW format and developed with software. Shadows and lights adjusted accordingly. The colors desaturated. Put the vignette over it and you're done.
In my camera bag
I rarely go out with more than two lenses. 24-105mm / f4 and 17-55mm / f2.8. In addition a 7D classic and a tripod. In most cases this is enough, although in some situations I would like to have a telelense or sometimes an ND filter.
In many ways, the picture is created in the head beforehand and I then try to put it into practice as best as possible. According to the motto of Ansel Adams, ( "A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.")

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