Diamond Ring

A photograph of one of the most intriguing rings I have photographed.

A photograph of one of the most intriguing rings I have photographed.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my home studio while helping a friend build a look book for her companies jewellery collection.
While I took this around noon, the time of the day made no difference whatsoever as I was shooting indoors with strobes.
We wanted to achieve a soft yet contrasty look with a shallow depth of field, so used a macro lens at F9 for the details and shallow depth of field along with a large softbox at an angle.
This was shot with a Canon 5D MkIII along with a Canon 100mm Macro L lens mounted on my super light Gitzo 3 series tripod. I always shoot commercial work tethered so that the client can see the images as it is being shot and suggest changes or give feedback on the spot instead of having to redo the shoot again, for which I tether my camera to my Macbook Pro using a Tether Tools cable.
I wanted the photo to bring out the beauty of the ring while keeping the rest of the setup fairly simple.
Yes, the basic colour correction along with correction of highlights and shadows was done to achieve the final image.
In my camera bag
When on a commercial shoot my camera bag consists of my main camera, nowadays a Nikon Z7, a backup camera, a couple of lenses based on the nature of the shoot. Spare batteries, cables, lots of silica gel pouches and my Macbook Pro.
Plan the setups and lighting in advance to avoid major delays during the shoot.

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