Bolnuevo, Spain





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williampink Mar 19
Where is this?
elodie.jcqt Mar 20
Bolnuevo, Spain

Behind The Lens

I took this photo in Bolnuevo in Spain. Having a great passion for travel, I take advantage of every moment to photograph what nature offers us.
This photo was taken during a short stop, I had to go to Almería to spend a few days there. I absolutely wanted to see with my own eyes this spot that I discovered by chance while leafing through travel guides. This photo was therefore taken on August 3, 2019 at 11:34 am precisely.
I remember being disappointed to see so much cloud floating above these rocks. I said to myself "you're really unlucky, with a complete blue sky, you could have had a great contrast"... I then waited a few moments in order to have a few touches of blue on the photo. The sun was back to me which reflected super well on the rock. Finally, the contrasts are rather successful and the clouds bring their touch of charm.
For some time now, I have been trying my hand at 100% mobile phone photography. I obviously have a camera but I like to play with the features of my phone that I know by heart. So I took this photo with a Samsung galaxy S10 +. Phones are getting better and better and that's what I try to convey in my photos. A lot of people think that I always take pictures with a camera. They are often wrong and that's what pushes me to continue. I would like to show that the photos I take can look just as good as the one I take with a camera. This photo was taken with a focal length of 4.20mm and an F1.7 aperture.
The purpose of my trip to Andalusia was to discover wild lands, large expanses and especially large desert and arid spaces. I was served ! These rocks remind us a little of the Grand Canyon of Colorado. We sometimes ignore that such surprising landscapes can come from elsewhere. So I took great pleasure in highlighting these often unknown landscapes which can be quite fantastic. I wanted to take this photo to freeze the rocks and keep track of what they were in 2019. Indeed, it is important to stress that it is the erosion that created these particular shapes and that the action and the transformation of the rock will not cease in time. I find this all the more useful since I would keep track of what it was when I went back in a few years to observe possible changes.
When taking a photo of a landscape, it's important to try to do as many tests as possible before taking the right photo. I didn't have to do much here in terms of lighting since the sun was behind me. The only thing I have done is focus on the clouds to make the contrast of the rocks more apparent and thus reduce the white balance.
In my camera bag
I always have a range of equipment that I take with me all the time, in any circumstance... You never know what you're going to need when you're going out with your camera, so it's important to take the most useful things like a tripod, a more powerful zoom, a good camera. For my part, I often take my Canon EOS 700D with its 18-35 mm F1.8 DC HSM A sigma lens and the tripod that goes with it.
No photo is similar, we all bring our touch to our photos. Anyone can take a photo like this, you just need to have an eye to take the photo that will look the best. What is exceptional when taking a picture of a landscape is that not all days are the same. There will be days when it snows, others when it rains. These are the things that can change the photo and give it another charm. The only advice I could give is to keep your eyes open and not hesitate to photograph when you find it necessary, always try even when you think it is not exceptional. We often have surprises...

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