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Behind The Lens

We were in Christchurch for a friend's wedding and my partner noticed that they had a cat cafe. We don't have a cat cafe where we live and I absolutely love animals so we decided to visit the cafe. We booked in for an afternoon session, they have one hour slots where they allow 15-20 people in with the cats. the girls I was sitting with at this point had just finished school for the day and came to the cafe to have afternoon tea. We were instructed very clearly upon entry that we were not to feed the cats human food but someone forgot to tell the cats. This one was very sure that he wanted to share the muffin this girl was eating and she had to keep taking it off the table so that he couldn't get to it. It was hilarious to watch as she tried to eat her muffin around the (apparently) very hungry cat.
The session we booked in for was between 4pm and 5pm but it was summer so the daylight would continue until about 8pm at that point. It was the last session for the cats for that day so they were largely quite tired but they had plenty of places they could retreat to if they didn't want to be patted. It was mostly the younger cats who were more active and came to play with our handbags and sit with us.
Typically for a cafe the lighting was mostly fluorescent and mounted in the ceiling. For this shot however there was a big window about 2 meters away and the walls were all painted with light colours so, as much as I was on a fairly slow shutter speed, the lighting wasn't too difficult to work with.
I try to minimise the kit I carry around with me when I am traveling, unlike my partner I am not strong enough to carry my entire kit with me while I am walking around for hours on end. Also flashes were not permitted inside the cafe so I had only my Canon 5D mk IV with a 24-105 lens.
The interaction between the girl and the cat was just so cute and funny that i had to catch a shot of it. The poor kitten was so sure he wanted that muffin and the girl was laughing so hard while trying to keep it away from him. I really love the way the shot show the pleeding look on the cats face as he pleads for her to share the muffin with him.
It was just the basic post processing for this shot, the light was good, the moment was perfect so all i really did was adjust the brightness and contrast a bit.
In my camera bag
When I am traveling I normally carry my 5D with my 24-105 lens and my 150-500 lens, plus my Black Rapid R straps to hold the camera and big lens while I am walking around. I will mostly have my travel tripod with me and the usual cleaning equipment and spare memory cards. When I am at home I add to that my favorite 50ml lens and a 17-40mm wide angle lens.
The more light you have the easier the shot will be. Cats move around a lot and they can move quite quickly, so to get a shot of a moving cat you need lots of light and a high shutter speed. If you can limit the range of the cats movement by distracting it with a toy, or in this case food, then you have a better idea of the range of movement that you need to compensate for. Then you need to take lots of photos so that you can get one where the cat is looking in the right direction while doing something cute.

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