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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken behind the scene of a winter photo shoot. The two girls, sisters, decided to hop in the back of the truck, and play around while we finished setting up. I joked with them a bit back and forth, and their laughter was so genuine, and so full of joy, and juat had to flip up my camera, and take a few shots.
This was about mid afternoon, and the sky was perfectly overcast. Any photographer will tell you, heavens softbox always makes for the best lighting.
Even though we have some reflectors, and off camera flashes set up, all the lighting was natural. The sun came out shortly after this, which made the equipment necessary, but at this moment, the natural light was perfect.
My Brand New at the time, Nikon D850, and my always goto 70-200 lens. No better combination.
Genuine joy, and laughter is inspiration for everything. These two sisters share a special bond, and it always makes for easy shutter clicks.
A little contrast bump, to bring all the features into perfectly clarity was about all this image needed. Sometimes, as a photographer, I will spend hours on an image, and sometimes, seconds. This was in the seconds category.
In my camera bag
It's funny, a lot of photographers ask what equipment I carry, and the answer is always, what don't I carry. I always have my Nikon D850, as well as wither my Nikon D800, or D7200 as backup. I carry the holy trinity of lens, as well as a 50mm 1.4 prime, two flashes, and stands, as well as a reflector tucked in the back. Various filters, and batteries round out the mix, and if I don't have all of this, I feel naked on a shoot.
The only advice I have for any photographer is simple, look for the story. Sometimes we get caught up in poses, and positions, and lighting, but the best shots I've seen, have always made me want to know more. My uncle, who taught me, always said, "sometimes you have to chuck all the rules out the window, and go with what you feel. Find the story, and tell it your way"

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