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Playing with light leaks and Long Exposure.

Playing with light leaks and Long Exposure.
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paulatchinson PRO+
paulatchinson February 07, 2020
Wonderful composition
philippstinson March 19, 2020
Insane Picture! Love the Mood.
mkirkley PRO
mkirkley January 12, 2021
Love the light in this photograph
mrsvilkic February 23, 2021
My words are less to describe this picture.
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Behind The Lens

This was taken in Trick Factory Customs HQ, I had just been hired as the social media photographer and needed something for the instagram feed.
This was taken at a 10 in the morning, The car was nicely back lit and wanted a low shot not only to show how low the car was, but to have a silhouette of its shape.
The brightness coming through the window made the shot nicely back lit, but guess what, the sun rays aren't real more on that in a minute.
I shot this handheld, pretty much on the ground, with my Sony A9 and my Tamaron 28-75mm 2.8 and like almost all Automotive photographers a polarizing filter.
To be honest, I love taking pictures of Cars, not only as a living, but a passion of all things Automotive. The Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 is wide and very sleek, it was on air suspension so it was the lowest it could be, it just translated "high speed, low drag" in my mind. It was just patiently waiting for someone to take it out and drive it. Like a jet fighter in a hanger...
Heres where everything comes out in the wash. The truth of this photo, when I originally took it was not that impressive. I had a vision in my mind of what I thought it should look like and my initial edit was just... blah. A friend of mine introduced me to Luminar 4, After downloading it I was playing with all the features it had to offer with a folder of "almost made it" images. Now with Luminar I've seen some people make awe inspiring images and I also seen images that are just terrible. I think I truly danced that line, adding atmospheric haze, the sun rays, and some dodging and burning. Sometimes those images that don't come straight out of camera perfect can still be made pretty rad with some post-post process "magic".
In my camera bag
My Camera Bag is a Peak Design Every Day 30, and I use almost every square inch of that 30L. I have a Sony A9 ready with my 28-75 Tamron, my A7RIII with a 85mm 1.4. I normally carry two other lens options, Sigma 35mm 1.4 for sure, and depending on the days shoot, I may have my 55mm 1.8, or a Minolta 80-200mm 2.8 for extra reach and panning, or my wide angle 17-28 tamaron for rollers and interiors. I normally have my GoPro and or my Mavic Mini as well. Plus my 15" MacBook Pro. Plus filters, batteries, cables etc. When fully loaded its probably an easy 40-50lbs which being ex-special forces is still lighter than what I used to lug around. LOL.
Automotive photography is an interesting niche, that has a lot of sub niches. But my main advice if you want to shoot cars is to get out and do it, there are many opportunities to shoot but you have to chase them down, go to car shows, go visit local tuners, head out to a drift event. I will also say if all your shots are taken from a standing position you will seldom get an interesting angle. Get low, Get high, get above, get on your belly sometimes. And first and foremost, for all starting automotive photographers, get a polarizing filter and play with it!

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