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braydenbise Mar 29
Beautiful Capture

Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my hometown, Maassluis. This is a small town nearby Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I wanted to make a picture in the golden hour, but I waited a little longer. I saw the sky became dark blue. In the building called 'de Elbe' is one of the newest flats in town. When I was waiting I saw people turning there lights on. I waited until 50% percent of the lights where on and took this picture.
I remember it was on a nice spring night. I was with my brother taking some photo's and talking about life. On the left there is a river and we love to sit beside it, with some beer and watching the ships go by. It's a busy river because of the Harbor of Rotterdam. I love the movement en transportion on the water, there is something magic about that. Especially around sunset.
Ofcourse when your shooting night photos, you gonna need a tripod. For this photo I've took 3 pictures with different shutterspeed so I could edit them together in lightroom/photoshop.
Sony A7 with the 24-70 mm 2.8 GM. A standard tripod and a remote trigger.
I loved the contrast of the colors and somehow this picture gives some kind of hope. Hope of feeling home. I really love my hometown and this is mij home. The lights in de building makes me feel like home. When you watch the photo you know the lights represents that.
I took 3 pictures and I just 2 of them. 1 was perfect lighted on the building and 1 more on the grass in the front. After getting the right lighting, I've added more contrast. I darken the blacks and give is al some saturation. To get the colors rights I had to change the white balance and play around with the colors.
In my camera bag
all I really need is my Sony A7 with a 24-70mm, but in my bag there's always my 90mm 2.8 Sony lens. Sometime I take my Ronin SC with me to make some video or hyperlapje.
Sometimes is waiting beter.. ;) Sunset is beautiful but after that a whole new world starts....

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