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- PLACE: Europe, Netherlands, Amsterdam.
- TIME: March 12, 2016, 17:47 (CET).
- CLIMATE: Winter, 6 ° C.
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- PLACE: Europe, Netherlands, Amsterdam.
- TIME: March 12, 2016, 17:47 (CET).
- CLIMATE: Winter, 6 ° C.
- PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT: Camera (Sony Alpha 7s), Lens (Zeiss Batis 25).
- PROCESSING OF THE RAW NEGATIVE: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic 9.1

- BEHIND THE PHOTO: His art captivated me, he was very unhappy, misunderstood, he was not taken seriously, perhaps, because Vincent made himself think that his work was a disaster and did not have the strength to fight for him. They made him believe that the sensibility with which he painted was an aberration, and in that way, he began his irreversible and sunken self-destruction, absinthe, panic attacks and madness made his work invisible. When he died, the worms in his grave anxiously wrapped his rotten brain as if it were a delicacy, because there were wonderful sunflowers, colors and beautiful landscapes that finally animal life ended up savoring what at that time human ignorance could not. He once said: "I think part of my work has been done for people who have not yet been born." In life, his brother, an art dealer, could only sell 2 or 3 of his paintings, now they are worth millions. My photograph

"Vincent" was taken on a cold afternoon in Amsterdam. It is a Van Gogh graffiti camouflaged along a mural, with its typical elements such as sunflowers or meadows where he painted. Inside, through the windows, you can see a warm light of people drinking coffee, debating and exchanging opinions. I love this photo, it will never have a prize, it is not an incredible sunset with bright and saturated colors, it is not a Scandinavian landscape, it does not have a wonderful composition, a beautiful model does not appear announcing a jewel, there is not a child of third world with a weapon, it is only a photo of everyday life, so it will never be granted, and very few will be able to understand its essence, since, the prize is to understand precisely that, a message, a photo with two faces, the external face, Van Gogh, a man who only dreamed that his art was recognizable, and the internal face, carefree people looking for the best pose for their selfie of the day in their social network, only, to seem the best empty moment, without nothing to express, something, that, on the contrary, Vincent William Van Gogh if I seek to do it in his life.

- QUESTIONS AND OPINIONS: If you want to make some kind of comment, see an error, have a question, criticism, opinion, experience about a place or a photograph, do not hesitate to let me know freely, you can do so in the comment box as In a private message. I will be happy to discuss and exchange impressions.

- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: For me the most important of all is your visit, that you can waste a part of your time contemplating some moment that has been immortalized and in which you can draw your own conclusions about what you are seeing that is the wonderful thing about photography, where I can see one thing, you can see something very different, and that's when the debate begins. That is why, for me, your time is valuable and I appreciate it as much as anything else, it is a privilege to be able to share something like that, an authentic gift, a luxury, from there, that greatly appreciates your visit.

- FINAL NOTE: I want to apologize because I use a translation program for English in the description of the photos, I would like to clarify this point to avoid possible misunderstandings in the translation, I am from Spain, born in Spain and my mother tongue is Spanish , and I insist, there may be written things that can become misunderstood without any offensive purpose. For any other interest, do not hesitate to contact me.
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reedbreaux PRO+
reedbreaux Jan 22
Really nice image. Was in low light?
NightOwl_GC Sep 22
Nice capture!!! 😍

Behind The Lens

The photo is taken in the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands (Europe). The exact place is a Coffee Shop called "La Tertulia" located at Prinsengracht street, 312.
It was a Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 5:47 p.m. during the winter season, it was cold and a temperature of 6 degrees Celsius.
A secret that we all already know, and that is that the blue hour is the most magical moment for these photos.
I used a Sony Alpha 7s camera with a Zeiss Batis 25 lens. The configuration is: 25mm, f2.0, 1/60, ISO 200.
I was inspired to take this photo the beautiful graffiti so well elaborated on the common elements that always surrounded the world of Vincent Van Gogh, the environment is magnificent, both the colors, the pot with the sunflowers, the flower fields where he was inspired and went to paint their works. Everything in this graffiti mixes very well with the surroundings of the place.
Little processed was applied. Take the photo in RAW and later in Adobe Lightroom slightly adjust the contrast and colors.
In my camera bag
I carry only a camera, an shoulder bag with a Sony Alpha 7s with a single lens attached, the Zeiss Batis 25, I also carry a Manfrotto tripod in case I need to do some long exposures and a memory card in case an accident arises.
Walking through all the places in the city at random, only this way you can discover magical places that you can never see on a map, it is the great secret to have unique photos.

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