" is there anybody out there "





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Dee-CrystalClear PRO
Dee-CrystalClear January 21, 2020
Magnificent capture. I would be walking gently not to disturb the peacefulness.
kellyomcgregor January 21, 2020
Thanks Dee! It was peaceful until the Canada geese let their presence be known. Lol

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken while out hiking at a local lake. The park is a hidden jewel here in Wyandotte County Lake in Kansas city, Kansas.
The sun had just rose above the horizon. While I was hiking In a low area I happened to turn around to see what was behind me and boom this is what I saw. A good rule of thumb is always look behind you when out photographing nature.
When I photograph this the first thing that pop into my head was Pink Floyd's Is There Anybody Out There from the Wall Album.
I shot this with a Canon 90D with a Tamron 16-300 mm lens. I also had a polarizer filter on.
I was just inspired by the orange light shining through the haze.
I did edit in Lightroom with a graduated filter and a radial filter. Then adjusted the overall picture.
In my camera bag
Well, I have a Canon 90D and a 80D. Lens consists of a Tamron 150-600 for wildlife, a Tamron 16-300 for wide-angle and of course the nifty fifty.
Get up early and always look behind you. One never knows what you miss by not looking behind you.

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