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Dance in the fortress of Vinadio

A collection of my dance photographs taken during the shows or taken during performances in the creative residences

A collection of my dance photographs taken during the shows or taken during performances in the creative residences
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Johnny_optics January 17, 2020
Very good. Love it
Emanuele_Di_Paolo PRO+
Emanuele_Di_Paolo January 17, 2020
Thank you Johnny

Behind The Lens

It's always nice and exciting to be able to tell a photographic life experience. I took Carolina, my favorite dancer, to an ancient fort in the mountains. When we arrived we found the fort closed for restoration work...by then we were on site and so we went to take the photo shoot in the moat that was once the defense line of the fort. Obviously we adapted to the new situation and I asked the dancer to wear ballet clothes with sneakers instead of the classic pointe shoes. It was partly a necessity, I didn't want the dancer to hurt her feet, and partly as a creative touch.
I shot this photo in April, it was immediately after lunchtime and the light was very intense, terrifying, there were no clouds and the air was very clear, probably the worst time to shoot!
I asked the dancer to position herself so that the sunlight could illuminate her ballet dress and bring out the transparency, while at the same time making the skirt look like a flower. To compensate for the large difference in lighting on the dancer's face, I used a remotely controlled high speed flash. A very simple and basic scheme but it achieved the desired effect.
The equipment I used for this shot is one of my faithful Canon 5D MkIII, the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM zoom lens, the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT and the Yongnuo YN E3 RT flash remote control. No other equipment was used.
As I was saying before, if the fort hadn't been closed for renovations, I probably wouldn't have taken this photograph. Luck played a role in all of this. Originally, the shoot was all to be done inside the walls. Taking photographs outside was an adaptation of the new circumstances created.
I'm not a fan of post production of photos. I prefer to try to bring home a photograph as close as possible to the idea I had in my mind. I only used PS for color to B&W conversion and some shadow/light adjustments, that's it!
In my camera bag
My equipment ... don't you have a backup question? :) I always carry too many things in my photographic backpack ... after having woven the praises of the Canon reflex cameras I have to do the same with Sony's mirroless, I have only used them for a year but between us it has been true love !! But I have not completely betrayed Canon, in fact the two systems coexist and what unites them is the Sigma MC-11 adapter, a fantastic accessory that allows me to use my Canon lenses on Sony bodies. Obviously I also use different Sony Zeiss and G series lenses but all these lenses have a weight :( My unmissable lenses to always carry with me are: 85mm - 50mm - 35mm - 20mm - 16/35 - 24/105mm and 70/200mm and then for special cases such as architecture or landscapes or macro, the 17mm TS-E - 12/24mm - 300mm - 100mm L macro IS
If someone asked me for advice on taking a photo like this, I would tell them to pay attention to lighting control, for example, in this case there was a light source (the spring sun) with very strong characteristics and intensity and a speedlite that served as a fill light for the dancer's face. The other winning factor that applies to any photograph is simplicity and "cleanliness", meaning that the best photos, the ones that make you say WOW or that are awarded, are the ones in which the photographer has eliminated as many disturbing elements as possible. Unfortunately I see that many photographers tend to add, add and add again ... and then maybe spend the night on PS or LR to remove, remove, remove :-D

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