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flash1952 PRO+
flash1952 December 21, 2021
beautiful lady
edandaniphone PRO+
edandaniphone April 17, 2022
Great shot. Congrats on the win!
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a small hotel in mid Georgia. I initially had plans to stop and see my model friend on my way down to Florida, but as I left too late I decided to stay overnight in her city and leave in the morning. The hotel I rented had a lot of quirky features, so we decided to see what we could shoot with them.
This photo was taken late in the evening. After a night of shooting around the city, we decided to shoot a bit more using the quirky features of the hotel I was staying in.
Lighting was very limited as the shoot was fairly impromptu and I did not have any of my lighting gear. We utilized the hotel's overhead lighting in the bathroom. I also brought the bedside lamps into the sink area, and used them to bounce and diffuse light off the white walls for some more coverage of the model.
For this shot, all I had was my Nikon d810 camera, and a 50mm lens. This was before I upgraded to my d850 with an external flash. With limited gear and limited props/lights, we had to work with what we had.
The hotel I was in had a lot of quirky features, none of which felt like they fit with one another. The most outrageous feature of this hotel was a bright, vivid red shower surrounded by pristine white walls. I had never seen a shower like that before, especially not in a regular hotel. The shower looked more demonic than inviting, and we had to shoot with it as a backdrop. I found out afterward that I was in a section of rooms that were partially remodeled, which explained the mismatched quirkiness of all the things in my hotel room.
This image took quite a bit of post-processing work, the most in-your-face one being the shower backdrop. The original shower was a bright, vivid red that bounced an eerie hue of light onto everything around it. I played with that color in a few shots but wanted to see what other colors might look like, ultimately settling for a purple tone that I felt played well with the model. Aside from the color change I just did some basic retouching. I smoothed the skin, removed blemishes, cleared the shower of any marks or color issues, and played a bit with the vibrancy of the model's eyes. This shot is from my earlier series of work, we'll before I started honing my retouching and editing techniques. I might revisit this shoot to see what else I can do with this unique shower.
In my camera bag
At the time of this shoot, I only carried my Nikon d810, a 50mm lens, and an 85mm lens, alongside a few ND filters and polarizers that I never really used. I believe I would also carry a small tripod on occasion, though that was also rarely used.
Don't be afraid to work with quirk! I hadn't planned to do a shoot in that hotel, I didn't have much gear, and we were just running with whatever we found. The oddities in that hotel provided some interesting shot opportunities, and despite our limited gear we still made use of what we could to create some fun shots. Look for opportunities to snap something, not everything has to be setup and planned!

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