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Winter Garden Theater

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Balcony seats Winter Garden Theater Toronto. I used a long exposure and popped my flash a number of times during the exposure....
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Balcony seats Winter Garden Theater Toronto. I used a long exposure and popped my flash a number of times during the exposure.
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Behind The Lens


I took this photo in Toronto of the Winter Gardens balcony seate. The theater was built in 1913.


This image was taken in the theater with room lights. I used a tripod and popped a speedlight once off-camera.


I used the room lights and added one full-powered speedlight off-camera. I used a tripod and stopped down to f 18 to keep everything sharp at 1/30 second.


IMy camera was a Nikon D7100. My lens was a Sigma 10/20mm lens. I did use a tripod with a slow shutter of 1/30 second. I hand-held a Godox speedlight to add flash to fill in shadows.


I love the charter of this old theater and had to opportunity to do a tour with my camera club while it was closed. I set up my tripod did a quick test shot then waited for everyone to be out of my frame and captured this image.


I shot in raw and used Photoshop to crop and curves to add contrast.

In my camera bag

I use Nikon D850 D7100 ans D750 cameras. I have a large selection of lenses Nikon 50mm F 1.4 Nikon 80 - 200 F2.8 Tamron 90mm macro and Tamron 150.-600mm. I use Godox Flash for location work.


When allowed to shoot in wonderful locations plan on getting the best images you can take. Don't skimp out and leave your tripod or best body and lens for the job behind.

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