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The road winds into the sunset.

The road winds into the sunset.
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bluewolfph September 05, 2020
wow!! amazing photo
DAsEye Platinum
DAsEye January 07, 2021
Outstanding shot, love the leading lines
Jdean80 Platinum
Jdean80 November 12, 2021
Beautiful shot!! I love everything about it!!
deekaycee Ultimate
deekaycee September 18, 2022
Way to go on receiving photo contest honorary mention honors!
Betty_A February 23, 2023
Absolutely wonderful shot. Congratulations.
sumanbose February 23, 2023
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Behind The Lens


This photo was taken in the Valley of Fire state park in Nevada. It's a short drive from Vegas and well worth a visit.


This was taken at blue hour (closer to sunset) which is one of my favorite times to take pictures, especially when there are any lights involved.


I knew that I wanted to have the car taillights driving off into the distance. I had my wife drive our truck with the brakes applied so they would show up brighter. The first time I asked her to swerve back and forth it didn't have enough movement. I told her to go wild from corner to corner as fast as possible to fit it all in one frame. She loves driving fast so she was having fun.


I had my camera on a tripod and used a shutter release so that it wouldn't move during the frame. This was shot on a Canon 5dsr with a 16-35mm lens.


This whole area is fascinating, but the view with the road leading off into the distance was an instant sell for me. I thought some car lights would look cool and I've always liked taillights better than headlights.


I bracketed the frames so I would have a clean sky and foreground. Merging those were quite straightforward. Adding some mid tone contrast helps pop the colors.

In my camera bag

Usually 1-2 camera bodies, 15-35, 50, and 100mm lenses. Graduated ND filters, extra batteries, cleaning cloths, and tripod. I always carry 10m of rope (which comes in handy for tying myself or my tripod to something so it doesn't fall off a cliff). Gloves and a hat come in handy when the temperature drops quickly at night in most places.


Having the brakes applied (lightly) while driving really helps make the lights pop into the scene. Keep an eye out for interesting road curves in landscapes, they make for great spots to try out these kinds of images.

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