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pietnel December 29, 2019
Beautiful shot
Garlophui PRO+
Garlophui December 30, 2019
THank you very much!

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Behind The Lens

I made this photo in the summer of 2015, in a real bedroom with some natural light coming through one of its windows. The day was a little sunny but the low light was magical.
I loved the light that was at that time, a little bit mystical, I think I made the picture in the afternoon after one o'clock The picture was made freehand while examining the light and the way the model's body was.
As I said the light was opaque but magical, I thought then, maybe if I am in front of the light I can find a scene with romanticism, sensuality and leave the story open to the imagination. I particularly like the way the light kisses the body of the model starting on her shoulders and disappearing a little in the depth of the scene
At that moment I was with my Nikon D3200 not tripod, not flash, 50mm
This photo was made taking advantage of the moment, it was not completely planned although I confess I wanted to make a nude photograph a time ago. The place, the light and the model completed the scene. I just looked at what was calling me the most attention of the scene and I did it!
This photo is one of my first photos. I just take the picture in black and white and play a little with the dark and white.
In my camera bag
I love portraits so most of the time is a lens 50 mm and 85mm with me.
I can say that a photograph needs a good eye, to know how to translate the moments and make them visible with our camera. We must observe the effects of natural or artificial light in our scenes, whether they are prepared or as in the case of this unplanned photograph.

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