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allisonblackburnbillings November 29, 2019
What a beautiful baby!!
jackiegoodwin PRO+
jackiegoodwin December 01, 2019
so sweet and lovely on black and white - thank you for entering your lovely photo into my challenge "animals of any kind" - good luck

Behind The Lens

Hello fellow photographers. I took this photo in my backyard. Gustave was getting socialized with a new environment i.e new backyard, lawn furniture, agility equipment, flower beds, etc. He was accompanied by his mom and his 8 siblings. Yes nine 7 week old puppies roaming around in my backyard. Heaven on earth! It is extremely important for puppies' development to see as many new things, people and environment as possible to become well adjusted adult dogs. You see, Gustave is getting trained to become a service dog. He will work with autistic kids, kids that have to provide testimony in court, etc.
The photo was taken on a bright, sunny, fall afternoon. Gustave being a black and white dog, care had to be taken not to blow the highlights (overexpose whites). If that happens, we can't extract details in the whites. It was important because I wanted detail in the fur.
He was sitting in the shade so it was perfect. It insured that the highlights would not be blown (i.e. overexposed so one gets no details in the white color). It was taken handheld. If you look closely at his muzzle, you'll detect a few grain of sands. A new experience for the pups.
I took this photo with my Panasonic Lumix G9, a micro four thirds camera, and my Lumix G Vario 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 zoom. It was shot at ISO 1250, 42mm, f5.5, 1/100sec. No flash was needed at it was a very bright day.
Well... No one needs inspiration to photograph beautiful puppies. It is challenging as they move constantly but it is a lot of fun. I admit, I took more pictures of Gustave since he is destined to great things. He is the first recruit of a new organization that will work with kids. I focused a bit more on him since I thought the organization might need photos to document the evolution of this very special boy.
I did very little post-processing. I converted the photo to black and white. I made sure to preserve details in the fur so I applied a tiny bit of sharpening. I brighten his eyes a bit to make they stand out more. I also applied a very light vignette.
In my camera bag
I recently re-equiped myself with an inter-changeable lenses camera. So I carry my Lumix G9 (with internal body stabilization). I chose the micro four thirds format because I bring my camera when I walk my two dogs. Hence a small, lighter option was better for me. I own 2 zooms. The 12-60mm zoom described above and the Olympus 40-150mm F2.8 Pro lense. Both lenses and my camera are weatherized since we sometimes get caught in rain or snow on our walks. I have two ProMaster extension tubes, a 10mm and 16mm. It is cheaper than buying a dedicated macro lense. I find it gives excellent results. I have a light compact travel tripod with a gimbal head. I also have a basic cleaning kit. All that fits in my ProMaster sling bag, model Impulse (large) .
Snap away! Many shots are needed to get a keeper. It might be a good idea to let the puppies play a bit before starting your photo session. That may help in getting slower moving subjects as they will be more tired...maybe. The one critical thing to remember is to position yourselves at eye level with the dog. It ensures a more intimate interaction between the viewer and your subject.

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