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Caterpillar feeding on a bunch of fresh parlsey
ref backyard_070211_1172-chenille-wb

Caterpillar feeding on a bunch of fresh parlsey
ref backyard_070211_1172-chenille-wb
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marcocalandra89 March 09, 2014
great macro!
karenfrench April 28, 2014
awesome macro.
gondmagdi Premium
gondmagdi December 16, 2014
great shot !

Behind The Lens

I am an eco-friendly enthusiast, very concerned about the quality of the food so I grow my own garden. I am telling you this because this caterpillar is also a fan of my organic garden, especially my curley parsley which is apparently a delicacy for Monarch butterfly caterpillars. This shot is a macro of a monarch caterpillar enjoying his lunch in my bed of parsley in the backyard.
Lunch time around 3 o'clock in the afternoon where the parsley, freshly watered on the morning, has the best flavor and taste for this hungry caterpillar.
This was taken in natural lighting, full day light, which gives a good ratio on the colors and gives a lot of shine in the close up picture.
I am a Nikon addict. This was taken with a 85mm macro nikkor lens on my Nikon D7000 nikon body, one of my favorite cameras
I have always been fascinated by the magic behind the life of a butterfly who spend his short 3 weeks life to find a mate, make babies caterpillar who get busy eating and eating more so they can convey onto a cocoon to give life to another gorgeous butterfly.
when shooting macro, you have a rather important loss in light and contrast, especially if you do not want to use a flash that has somewhat unwanted reflection on the subject. Being that I used the natural sunlight, had to adjust contrast, take a bit of noise in the picture et voila!
In my camera bag
When traveling abroad, I carry about anything that could be of use in an impromptu situation. Therefore, at least 2 camera boxes (regular frame and full frame), a couple of lenses (18/55, 70/300, fishEye, Macro), flash, tripod, monopod, tons of memory and extra batteries/chargers, cleaning supply for lenses, flash drive, solar panel for charging batteries, flashlight, headlight, a harness to carry equipment along with the bag usually.
Patience is the key, take lots of shot and look at them, understand the nuances and the little details that will drive you to get the perfect shot one day. Keep learning, anything, everything because this is the beauty of being a photographer: you will never stop learning something new!

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