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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my dining room, where the light at the end of the day is really lovely.
The golden hour light is always my favorite but this was just past golden hour, moving into the blue hour. I like the darker, bluer light. It just worked well with the color of the flowers and the shadows were more dramatic and darker.
I really only shoot with natural light and I often move around my house TO the light. My set-ups are usually pretty minimal but i try to do more with the subject than the technique.
I use a Nikon D810 body and Nikon lenses. I prefer to use my 24-70mm lens or my 35mm. I use a Manfrotto tripod with a gimbal stabilizing head because as I get older my hand shakes more and I like a good crisp image that is in focus!
I am so in love with flowers. I love to photograph them different times of day, in different vessels and I have started shooting flat set ups with just the blooms and not the stems and occasionally I do use the leaves. I love the interplay of the colors, the bloom sizes, the arrangement and the way your eye moves around the set up/photo.
I don't do a lot of post process work. I like to capture in camera without having to manipulate. I do tweak colors and softness/clarity but for the most part I try to do very little post processing.
In my camera bag
I always carry two bodies because I love not having to shift lens on and off one body. I always carry my Nikon 400mm telephoto lens as well as my 24-70mm. I also usually carry my Nikon macro lens because flowers have such definition and detail but its usually really tiny and hard to capture! I usually have my tripod and remote for triggering without shake. My bag is usually really heavy hahaha but I like to have all my favorites with me!
I consider my photography to be more like playing than work : ) I like to have fun and have great music on, great light and some beautiful blooms. I enjoy moving things around, shooting from a bunch of different angles and discovering little details that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. I change my shooting perspective as much as possible, from high to low, from framing shots in camera, to playing with colors, shapes and contrasts! I don't start with a specific goal shot, but I do plan my components and then play around with them.

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