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Nikon D3300
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Sensual Monochrome Photo ContestTop 30 rank week 1
deekaycee Ultimate
deekaycee January 17, 2023
Beautifully done! Here’s to your photo contest runner-up honors!
Emanuele_Di_Paolo January 17, 2023
Thank you so much :)
Rmay1 January 18, 2023
Congratulations on runner up for fashionista
Emanuele_Di_Paolo January 18, 2023
Thank you Robyn :)
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Behind The Lens


This photo is part of a fashion photography session for some Italian fashion designers, the location is exactly a few meters from the Tower of Pisa, the Domus Comeliana is an exclusive historical location in the heart of Pisa where refined and unique events are organized. An authentic residence with its own history and presence in the city area in the best Italian architectural tradition.


As I said I was shooting during a fashion session and, the girl, was waiting for her turn to parade and be photographed, I think it was around 4 p.m., the sun was casting the shadow of the leaves of a large tree on the wall where she was leaning, a lucky break!!!


Tuscany in summer is something exciting, the sky, the landscapes, the peace of nature that enters you as the sun's rays penetrate the foliage of the trees. If you can get in harmony with your surroundings, if you let the winds blow their freshness into you and let the thunderstorms charge you with their energy, then chances are you will take some memorable photographs!


Throughout the shooting I used my very faithful and trusted Canon Eos 5D MkIII with various prime lenses but, for this particular photograph, since the girl was several meters from the scene, I used a Canon EF 70/200 L IS, a great classic that never betrays the photographer who uses it...


I was fascinated by the position of the model's body, her being estranged from what was going on around her, the light filtering through the leaves, the long shadows cast by the July I gave up on shooting the other models who were on the set and walked over, trying not to be noticed, and took the shot, a simple idea but apparently liked it!


As is my habit, I try to take the photograph to the best of my ability and knowledge so that I have to minimize post-processing. It may make sense for me to spend up to a maximum of five minutes in Photoshop, if that time passes it is not worth it and I discard it. This photograph was taken in color in raw, the time spent on post-processing was what was needed to convert to black and white, a slight check of levels and hue, that's all.

In my camera bag

My bag is always very heavy but lately I am trying to lighten it, I place Canon DSRLs side by side with Sony MLs using lens adapters. I also use very old but still very current Zeiss prime lenses :)


If someone were to ask me for tips for taking a photo like this, I would tell them to pay attention to the control of the lighting and details, the sideways and not central position, and the girl's gaze that reinforces the overall image. The other winning factor that applies to any photograph is simplicity and "cleanliness," meaning that the best photos, the ones that make you say WOW or are awarded, are the ones in which the photographer has removed as many disturbing elements as possible. Unfortunately, I see that many photographers tend to add, add, and more add...and maybe afterwards spend nights removing in post-processing. If you take a look through my award-winning photographs, you will notice that the elements are always very basic and often, in black and white!

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