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2001vermont PRO+
2001vermont December 09, 2019
Very sharp! Great job.
DNproSTUDIO May 11
sweet photo

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at the apple garden near Montreal during apple picking season. We have a lot of beautiful gardens nearby and we always take that opportunity to shoot apple trees at spring and autumn.
This photo was taken during the most beautiful and beloved by photographers time: during the golden hour at the evening. It was not cold yet, we still have that nice summer warmth in the early autumn in Quebec. But we had to use anti-mosquito spray: there were a lot of bugs in the gardens and forests in the evening and they can be pretty annoying especially for the kids.
To get that kind of lightning I had to consider into account that the sun was setting very fast. I had to wait for the specific position of the sun to backlit my scene but it shouldn't be very dark yet.
I used Canon 5D Mark II camera and 70-200mm 2.0 lens.
Initially I was photographing two sisters. Soon both of them got tired and started to pretend they were going to sleep. So it seemed like a great idea to shoot sleeping girls.
Usually that kind of pictures doesn't need a lot of post processing if the light is good. In my case the light and the time were perfect so I just had to lighten some dark parts in the shadows and clone some apples.
In my camera bag
I'm not strong enough to take a lot of heavy equipment with me so I prepare directly before the shoot and choose the best lens which would be more suitable in that particular case. Must have for me is a body which is Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 135mm 2.0 portrait lens. These two is a perfect match and I use them almost in 2/3 of my shoots. If I have to shoot a group of kids I prefer Canon 70-200mm, this lens gives me more freedom while working with little children. For wide angle shoots I use Canon 16-35mm lens and I love it a lot in travel.
The light and the time should be perfect and you'd better pick some snacks for the kids (discuss with their parents). I have berries covered in chocolate and some organic lollipops. But be very careful with chocolate and little kids, that can become really messy in no time.

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