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Behind The Lens

By my work i was repairing roof on old school in Rusky Komarowtsy village, which started to fall down. When i was standing outside and smoking, school director told me a story about their school bus, which was delivering students from nearest villages to lessons for almost 50 years. Few years ago it break down and was robbed by metal hunters. Now all what left from the bus stands behind the school, and looks more like fish skeleton. And i asked for permission to make some photos of it.
It was in the middle of the day. As photo was made by impromptu - i couldn't pick up good time for best lighting and shadows.
It was good sunny weather, sun shined very brightly. Lighting was falling thru the trees straight inside of the bus, making it look like a skeleton much more.
Picture was made on Canon EOS 20D camera with Canon 50mm f1.8 lenses. No other equipment was by my hand.
I love abandoned places and vehicles for their view, for the stamp of time on them. And how nature takes back what it belongs. What changes time makes with everything if we don't do any changes by our own. And want to share my view with others.
At the first i wanted to make this picture black & white, but understood that it will kill all the rust on a bus and make picture look overloaded. And HDR mode wasn't good idea - because all those trees and leaves was taking to much attention on them. So i decided to make vintage look faded picture. I'm pretty new at picture editing in Lightroom, so made lots of mistakes in process, and it was great experience. Mostly I edited tone curve and faded green channel, red and blue a little less.
In my camera bag
Usually i have only my good old Canon 20D, Sigma UC Zoom 70-210mm f4-5.6 lens, Canon 50mm f1.8 lens and clamp tripod from Bosch laser level.
All abandoned buildings and vehicles have their own unique look, and everybody see them by the different way. So it's a great field for experiments, to spread your fantasy's wings, make outstanding pictures and share them with people.

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