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BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb November 16, 2019
Instant favourite, absolutely amazing shot
dvearrier PRO+
dvearrier Feb 05
So real looking! Outstanding capture! Beautiful!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at my friends house. Well, she booked me for a family shoot a while back and we stayed in touch after that. Obviously she’s gorgeous so I asked if she felt up to a boudoir shoot - she said yes and so we picked a date and I drove to her house where the shoot took place. She has this amazing custom made bed which was just perfect for this shoot.
If I remember well we were shooting some time around 2-3 pm to make sure we get all the shots before her husband gets back home so we can keep it a surprise.
I haven’t been to her house before and I wasn’t sure on what to expect light wise. We were shooting around 2-3 pm and she said her house was newly built so I expected large windows and enough natural light. I am always overthinking stuff so I brought one strobe with 120cm octabox just in case. I ended up needing it as the bedroom windows were facing East and there just wasn’t enough light for my liking.
I used my Nikon D750, 50mm 1.4 Nikkor and cheapish Strobe with 120cm octabox. I really like the softness of the light when using a large softbox even thought the light source is put quite closely to the subject.
The model was quite shy and kept “hiding” in the sheets. I thought it was brilliant because it’s obvious she’s not wearing anything but you can’t see anything either.
I just took this photo, fixed the exposure slightly, did some frequency separation on the skin and played around with the temperature. I like to keep things simple.
In my camera bag
I always, always, always have backup batteries. Also lens cleaning pen. My main camera, back up camera and, nifty fifty, zoom lens and that’s about that. If there’s something specific I need for a shoot I just add it and then take it out. The rest is always there.
I personally think that if you are a boudoir photographer or are getting into boudoir photography it’s really important to make sure the model or client is comfortable. Always ask: do you feel comfortable doing this, so you feel comfortable doing that. Tell them what you have in mind, describe your vision and ask if that’s what they can see themselves doing. Make sure you tell them they can say no to everything. If you’re kind, understanding and respectful it will put them at ease and once they’re comfortable all you have to do is capture it. Communication is definitely a key.

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