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Behind The Lens

In my house, in the basement I have a small homemade studio to take pictures, especially self-portraits.
It was at sunset, although the photo consists entirely of artificial light, no natural light.
The photo is taken with 3 continuous lights, in fact, I always use continuous light, since it shows you the result at the same moment, it is like natural light, what you see is what you get. Two of them had a diffuser (located on my left and on my right) with an average power (39% at 60w led), the 3rd light is zenithal with a power of 50% at 60w led, slightly oriented to the background, to give that kind of halo. All the lights at 5500k.
I currently use a Canon 700D, equipped with a youngnuo 1.8, 50mm lens, the tripod of my telescope (yes. you're reading right), a remote, a piece of a broken glass, a tablecloth (that's actually the background) and 3 spotlights neewer sl-60w.
This photograph is part of what was my first exhibition called "Ineffable", the exhibition talked about the beauty of sentimental pain and how it related to our personal development. Specifically, this photo tries to capture that moment of conflict that you feel with yourself about your actions. What your head tells you and what your heart tells you on most occasions disagree.
This picture is actually 2 pics, one with the piece of glass and the other with the makeup simulating blood in the eye. I superimposed the two images in photoshop so that they married in the most perfect way, I gave a color treatment to the main photo that took me a lot of work. I put the reflection in black and white but I wanted to maintain the color of the blood.
In my camera bag
Well, I am a student so I cannot afford the equipment that I would like to have, however I try to make the most of the equipment I have even if it is already quite old (that means sometimes a lot of post-processing work). I always carry my Canon 700D, two fixed-focus lenses one 50mm and the other one 35mm (for the trimming factor) both youngnuo. Four spare batteries, a remote and of course a small neewer torch that has saved my life more than once.
For this type of photography the most important thing apart from the edition is the light, make sure you place it well to achieve that dreammy appearance, without the shadows disturbing the subject's face, neither too hard nor too soft. Be sure to place the diffusers correctly and regulate the power of the light to your liking (very important that the power of the lights be adjustable! Remember the photography is a game of lights), look for a good background that gives that touch of impressionism picture and, you have it!

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