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Dave_Bean PRO
Dave_Bean September 16, 2019
Superb shot, where was that taken? I like your Dungeness lighthouse, I was there last weekend but haven’t edited the pics yet. I went by the steam railway. Well done
layers21 PRO+
layers21 September 17, 2019
Hi Dave_Bean, The range of cliffs are known as the Seven Sisters and the shot which includes the cottages is considered to be iconic! If you want to give it a try it is at Seaford on the south coast (Google it). Whichever way you turn their is a superb picture to be had. Glad you like my lighthouse another wonderful place for photographers. Thank you for you kind comment. John
Keefyboy PRO
Keefyboy October 28, 2019
Fantastic. Love the colours and the detail. Hope to go to that location at some point and try to capture the scene as you have done.

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