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I took this photo at a natural reserve nearby Sanya, in Hainan, China. She belongs to the Li ethnic group, living and working there at the reserve with other Li members in a productive project involving orchids (dendrobium), volcanic stones, and agricultural products, all cultivates and harvested inside the reserve as part of a Chinese government's program to guarantee the survival of this ethnic group in their land while exploiting it with sustainable methods.
I remember it was past mid-day, around 1 p.m. if I'm not wrong. I was walking seeing how she and other women were taking care of the crops cultivated in volcanic soil, as policultive and as soon as she went out from the crop, I asked with signs, because I don't speak Chinese, not even their dialect, if I could take her a photo. And here it is.
It was a natural light exposure, because although it was a sunny day, we were protected of the high contrast by the shadows of some medium-height trees.
I used a Nikon D3100 with a 18-55 mm lens. No flash, no tripod.
I am always inspired by human beings and their special ways of living.
It was necessary to improve the curve of tones, contrast and brightness, specially in her face, because their eyes were too dark and the shadow that her hat produced, didn't help.
In my camera bag
Besides the Nikon D3100, I carry a Pentax KX, from the 70's, with a 50mm lens.
Always build empathy with your subject. Be respectful and kind since the beginning of your approaching and always show him/her/them, the photo you just took. Maybe you could even get the chance to take more and even get a thankful smile (which I really appreciate a lot).

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