A ray in the dark

Studio shot of young girl stnding at the wall and looking to the source of light ray. Single hard light source with minimal post processing. ...
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Studio shot of young girl stnding at the wall and looking to the source of light ray. Single hard light source with minimal post processing.
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bouaddiyousef August 09, 2020
Magnifique ❤️❤️
teplikphoto August 09, 2020
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Behind The Lens

Photo was taken in my photostudio during the TFP photosession
It was a middle of the day, but probably it is unimportant because only artificial light was used
The goal of this picture was an attempt to create a dramatic picture showing model's emotions and feelings using only a single light source. Actualy here was used a hard light (Profoto with a small 8'' reflector). It was placed very close to white wall and directed in parallel to it. Selected lighting scheme provides a hard light, a bit uncommon for lady's portrait. According to this it was necessary to find a good ballnce to avoid overexposure on one side, and negative effects of hard ligh on other. Actually near 10 shots were taken before the balance have been found.
I've used Canon 5D MkII with Canon 70-200/4 as a camera and Profoto D1 500 with Profoto 8 inch reflector as a light source
It is important for me to show a model's feelings and emotions. Idealy if they fits somehow my own mood at the moment. During a short interview with the model before the photosession I recognized that she inside a dreamer and sometimes feels a bit sad. It was great for me and a kind of challenge to show her feelings. I suggested the idea and composition and model has accepted it gladly. Once she have got a picture she daid - "It's true me". So, the goal was reached...
I strictly prefer to make a picture requiring minimal post-processing. I prefer to play with studio light, not with photo editors apps. So here anly a minimal RAW processing made in native Canon RAW convertor and a minimal skin cleaning on model's face in Adobe Photoshop. Nothing more.
In my camera bag
It depends on situation. I have two sets. One is Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 70-200/4 and 24-70/20. This set is used for professional studio works. The second set is very simple - Nikon D3300 with Nikon 18-105. This set is used for everyday photography. I never leave my home without a camera set with me because there are a lot of interesting things around
I prefer to work at studio, so my advice is simple: Try to learn how light modifiers are working. What kind of light you can get with them - hard or soft, a bit warming or in opposite a bit cooling, and so on. And only own experience could give a right answer. Information in books or Interned could be a good starting point, but it couldn't replace own experience. Also studi photographer should know standard lighting schemes but not afraid to break them if necessary and create an own scheme exclusive for each picture. If you are using studio lights don't afraid to play with them. Even if it will take more than a hour to find a right one, the result could be awesome

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