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Nikki Harrison

Nikki Harrison
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Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 48Top 30 class week 1


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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in a warehouse studio using a natural light source
This photo was taken at 2.37pm on the 19/7/2019 as part of a studio shoot. I was experimenting with different angles and light and even considering body scapes as part of the shoot. The model was willing and played an active role in the shoot.
I played around with different angles to capture the light 'flicking' across the back of the model to enhance the subtle shadows forming across the model's back to give it texture and life.
This was hand held, shooting with a Nikon Z6 and a Nikon 24-70 zoom lens.
I was looking to inject some mystique with this shot, not disclosing the identity of the model and keeping the viewer wanting more. The subtle tones and ripples formed from the lighting further enhanced the mystique of the image. It was designed to hide the anonymity and keep the viewer guessing.
The exposure ws almost perfect but adjustments were made in the shadows, whites and blacks only to boost the details and to give the image some realism and depth.
In my camera bag
I'm generally equipped with a Nikon Z6 and a Nikon D750 and a host of lenses depending on the shoot. I don't particularly have a preference for lenses, mind you having said that 50mm is great as it forces you to 'move' around your subject otherwise it's really horses for courses for me. Assess the situation and go with your gut feel.
My approach generally is expect the unexpected. You can approach it with pre-conceived ideas on how you want it to look but in an uncontrolled environment you never know what to encounter. The weather, the lighting and the location all come into play with differing results. Be as best prepared as you can be and the rest will follow.

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