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Das Roots

I just liked how these exposed roots looked like. Do you?

I just liked how these exposed roots looked like. Do you?
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Behind The Lens

I spend alot of time in the Poudre Canyon in Northern Colorado hiking along the river. Always majestic and you can point your camera anywhere and take a great photo. Also, cellphones lose signal so that's another plus.
I think this was taken in the middle of the day. It was summer and quite hot so I stopped at a small pool of water to skinny dip and saw all these amazing root systems. Luckily it was nice and shaded to I didnt get any harsh shadows from the afternoon sun.
The lighting in the photo is all natural, diffused by nature itself. All the afternoon sun was filtered through a canopy of leaves and finally got down to the little creek as nice soft light.
This was shot on a Sony A7RIII with the G Master 16-35mm lens. That's all.
Nature always inspires me and motivates me to take photos. This photo in particular was inspired by the texture and the movement of the roots.
I try not to do alot of color grading on my photos. I use Lightroom to just enhance the image and then slightly tweak it to the image I see in my head.
In my camera bag
I usually dont take alot of equipment with me because I am hiking around and dont want alot of weight. So I keep it simple with just my camera body, 16-35mm lens, a couple vintage nikon prime lenses, a diffuser and my little gorrilla pod.
My advice for taking a similar photo would be to look down and look for those small environments. Look along small creeks for those micro ecosystems that lend to these unique pictures

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