Along Water Lanes

A butterfly speeding over an interestingly textured background of the lake surface.

A butterfly speeding over an interestingly textured background of the lake surface.
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Peer Award
wdfoto Igor_pol mkhayes sylvakochmuecke johnsmiff Benedictgarness jonasweiss +7
Absolute Masterpiece
BiseraI Hprue samhumphreys
Magnificent Capture
alef0 photoflea Joviaal
Top Choice
Welburn EricKoth
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Superb Composition


Joviaal BiseraI


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Joviaal PRO
Joviaal Jul 04
Incredible capture. It is so difficult to photograph a butterfly in flight. They move so chaotic with unpredictable moves and changes in direction. I'm very impressed.
LookSee Jul 04
Thanks, and you're right. Besides, this is the one that was good among fifty or so... :)
annetteflottwell PRO+
i am totally amazed that you did this with a point and shoot. Tricky enough with a normal camera¡
LookSee Jul 12
Thanks! Btw, the P610 is as normal a camera as they get. Don't let the prosumer price make you think it is any less able! :)
geophotos PRO
geophotos Jul 12
How camera technology has advanced! In the hands of a skilled operator, this device and picture would make the owners of 50 mpx cameras and f 2.8 70-200 mm lenses scratch their heads! :))
LookSee Jul 14
You know, I wish there were some benevolent millionaires on Viewbug and one of those could see their way to help me with a new camera - I so have several models in my wish list! Funnywise, not one is over $1K. But until that point in time, I'll happily use what I have. And each of my cams costs less than $500, except the Paralenz DiveCam. And that one I got for testing by the manufacturer (~$700), otherwise I wouldn't have it too! Oh well. "Rich or poor, it's good to have money..." they say... ;)

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