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Boxer showing her intensity and hard work on the heavy bag

Boxer showing her intensity and hard work on the heavy bag
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MRueffer May 16
Great perspective

Behind The Lens

I took this image in my studio and actually purchased the heavy bag itself to make sure it felt like a boxing session.
This was shot at around 5 PM in my studio.
I really wanted to make this image pop with the lighting and felt I could control it much better in studio. This actually a three light setup; the key light from above is a gridded beauty dish and a light from camera left that I used for rim and to help separate her from the background. For the back light, I gelled a flash and then shot though some liquid atmosphere to add the smoke for the background.
I shoot with a Sony A7III and this particular lens was the 24-105 f/4 G. No tripod and I was sitting very close to the model than I could actually hold the bag while she was hitting it. I knew that at 24mm, it was going to cause some distortion and that was really my intention.
This type of session has been on my bucket list for so long! I really wanted to do a boxing session, but I wanted to use someone that could actually box. I found the model on Instagram and she happened to work at the local boxing fitness gym. I reached out to her and she was more than willing to do the shoot. I believe a boxing shoot should have action in it. It should not just be a model wearing boxing gloves and I wanted it to look at authentic as possible. I was extremely pleased with the results!
I really didn't do much post processing other than increasing the contrast a little and clarity to add some grit to it.
In my camera bag
I really have a lot of equipment with me all of the time. I like to have all of my lenses, 35, 50, 85, 24-105 with me all the time, because you never know what kind of look will suddenly jump into your head. Having the right equipment for the job is so important! I also never leave my house without some sort of off camera flash; including my Godox AD600 Pro or my Godox AD200. My favorite modifier lately has been the Cheetahstand Quick Soup Bowl 26".
I would say if you are trying to shoot with a boxer, let them warm up. We started the session with her putting on her hand wraps, then into some shadow boxing and then finally into the heavy bag work. This allowed for a natural progression to the session and at the end she didn't care about her hair or makeup being messed up as she was getting a serious workout in. These athletes are phenomenal, but they are just like any other first time model, they will be uncomfortable at first and will take a little while before they get into the zone. However, when they do get into that zone, don't be afraid to take a LOT of images! Using flash helps freeze the action, but you will have a few blurry ones and even those blurry ones will help convey the action!

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