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RicaKPhotos Jul 25
Beautiful shot!
EvaVaSilou Jul 25
thank you my friend!
harmeetsingh Jul 30
Congratulations 😀

Sandy Lips





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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at the beach near Thessaloniki, Greece. It was a beautiful trip with friends and of course my camera would be there with me.
I believe it was around 7 to 8 pm. Sunset was near and I always enjoy taking photos at that time of the day. I remember sitting next to my best friend which i want to thank for this image, she was playing with the sand, the sun lit up her face perfectly and then the magic happend. I loved it and people loved it too which I am really grateful for that.
Sun is your best friend and with little imagination you can do everything with him. Consider him in every outdoor shot and you will get the best outcome.
It was me and my camera. I am a self taught photographer and trying to built my equipment step by step so now I use a Nikon D3200 with 18-105mm lens.
I love taking photos outdoors and sea is what inspires me the most in nature so I was in the right environment to take a photo also I have a love to close-range images of faces too, so that is the result.
I like to edit my images in photoshop, sometimes is just a retouch sometimes i get to a another level (manipulation). In this one only played with colors just enough to be warmer.
In my camera bag
I am simple, my Nikon with lens, my go pro and a flash light.
As I said before try to use sun smart and then, in a close-range image, try to focus on what you want to expose with not too much information around so the viewer’s eye goes straight there.

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