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Cinematic. Love it!
greghillman Jul 03
Thanks Maria, much appreciated :)

Ticket Please

Model: Zane Saunders Artist/Performer at Kuranda Train Station, Nth Qld
Model: Zane Saunders Artist/Performer at Kuranda Train Station, Nth Qld
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Behind The Lens

Taken on the iconic Kuranda Train which travels daily from Cairns to Kuranda in Nth Queensland Australia catering for tourists, it meanders up the rainforest mountain overlooking the Coral Sea, home to the Grat Barrier Reef. Thank you to Queensland Rail for allowing the shoot and granting the media release.
Taken mid morning, as the train arrives in Kuranda at 10:00.
The lighting was a little tricky with the high contrast between the outside light and inside the train, I exposed for the inside of the train as best as I could and used a on camera speedlight with diffuser pointed above and behind the camera to help fill in some shadows on the subject.
Canon 5DSr, f/4.5 1/125 ISO 320 16mm focal length, with Canon 600 EX-RT speedlight with diffuser, hand held.
I have done numerous shoots with Zane Saunders Artist/Performer which can be seen in my profile. I absolutely love working with Zane, we get on really well and seem to click when ever we collaborate, Zane is a very deep thinker and struggles with his Christian values and his Aboriginal Culture which for me is a total blessing as a photographer, Zane is an open book of emotion and contradictions which is evident in his performances. I have tried to capture these emotions as best as I could in a contemporary artistic way. My plan is to do more shoots with Zane in Kuranda, the village in the rainforest which is our home, I would love to see the finished works published into a coffee table book which promotes the village, Zane and hopefully myself. :)
Very little editing in this image, I did some dodging on the face and added a matt finish filter in PS Camera Raw and that was it.
In my camera bag
I try to plan ahead depending on what I`m planning to shoot will depend on what goes in the bag. My backpack for travelling will normally have the following, Canon 5D MIII, 5DSr, Canon 28-300mm which is my go to all rounder lens although not fast and heavy its very versatile and beautifully sharp, Canon 16-35 mm for landscapes and interior shots, Canon 50mm f/1.2 for portraits and Canon 8-15mm fisheye which I love very much. A Canon 600 EX-RT Speedlight, spare batteries for camera and speedlight and memory cards, cleaning gear. Yes its a heavy backpack but you know whatever you don't take your bound to find yourself needing it. I also take a small manfrotto carbon fiber tripod suitable for travelling, no need for cable releases, if I`m wanting to do long exposures I`ll use the 5DSr which has the long exposure setting in the menu which you can set exposure time for as long as required which is a fabulous bonus. And some ND filters !
I believe our job as photographers is to capture the viewers imagination in some way, weather it be beauty, drama or the obscure which I guess is fairly obvious. There is nothing technical about this image, its more about a good subject and a good angle in a good location, it was planned however. For anyone wanting to do similar work that would be my only advice, plan ahead and then execute and be prepared to get clearances if your planning to publish, this shoot is a prime example, for one we wouldn`t even get on the train at the station or be allowed to publish without clearance from Queensland Rail.

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