Elephant on stroll





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Masai Mara Kenya
We came upon this elephant in the afternon
It was quite a hard light from sun at this time of day so i waited for the right angel to have light coming from desired direction. To get an low angle i lay on floor in jeep with camera quite close to elephant and used standing format to get much of the nice blu sky with the clouds.
Photo was taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with EF 24 - 105 mm f/4L IS II USM Lens
I was aming for an closeup low angle photo of vildlife and also tok a simular photo with a giraff and i use these two photos togheter as a set on my wall. I did of course need some patiance and luck since i was working with wild animals.
It came out of the camera pretty much as i wanted it. The thing i did in post was adding some contrast and a slight sauturation enhancment for the blue sky.
In my camera bag
I usually have two cameras with me(Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and Canon EOS 7D Mark II) one with my favorite lens canon Canon EF 100-400/4,5-5,6 L IS II USM and one with Canon EF 24-105/4,0 L IS II USM in that way i come prepared for motives that are close or far away. I also have extra memory cards, batteries and a light wight tripod.
The key ingredidents is like i wrote earlier patience and a litle bit of luck. First you need to find the right animal and then you need the right angle for the light and the possibility to get close and low.

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