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Behind The Lens

Austin, Tx holds events where model’s and photographer’s get together, network and create great images for their portfolios. The event is called Drink And Click. It is such a great organization and they are run in many different cities through out the world.
This photo was taken around 10pm at night.
The lighting is always supplied by the Drink and Click organization. I believe in this photo Westcott, continuous lighting was used.
This image was shot with my Sony A7RII camera and my 85mm / 1.8 Sony lens.
We were just messing around and the model is very athletic so she was jumping up posing and I got this shot of her at the peak of her jump. Behind every good photographer are several great models!
Yes. Editing is my strong suit. I blended the highlights to have smoother transitions and worked on color grading. I always remove any distractions lurking in the background.
In my camera bag
Several lenses are in my camera bag but I always default to my 85mm. I have the Sigma 35mm, 1.4. It’s nice to have in case there is a wide angle I need to capture but I always find I want to capture the same image with my 85mm. I also have the 75mm-200mm, 2.8 G Master. I love this camera but the long lens requires a faster shutter speed and camera shake is much more noticeable (and it’s heavy). I find My 85mm is just my cup of tea and fits my style of photography. I carry along my Godox 600ad strobe occasionally but sometimes I opt for my Westcott Solix. My Westcott is very light and portable. It cannot overpower the sun but I find it adds an extra pop in the eyes without having to find the sun with a reflector.
This image requires plenty of light, a fast shutter speed, and an awesome model.

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