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The eys of time





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Behind The Lens

This photo was created at home after a party
it was shot late in the morning
I avoid using artificial lights like flash to make them as natural as possible. in this photo I tried various angles to find the right light and to make sure that the subject is visible; in fact I moved the doors of the window to make the right shadow on the subject
The equipment I used to create this photo was my trusty camera which consists of a camera body of the nikon D300 with the lens 70-200mm always of the nikon
It was a perriodo that I shot friends to train with photography 8 (I think all the photographers started shooting friends and relatives). with the occasion that there were friends at home, I asked her to be my model for some photos.
yes, I also did a post production job on this photo. I gave more light to his eyes and changed color slightly
In my camera bag
in the camera bag I have my camera body that changes over the years and my lenses, which increase over time. now I only have three lenses that are 18-70mm, 35mm and the nikon 70-200mm telephoto lens I avoid buying lenses that are not nikon brand
In all these years I have learned that it is impossible to take the same photos as other photographers, because in any case there is always something that varies (like the light that is never the same) in reality you can take similar photos, but not the same. the thing I can recommend to all those who have recently started shooting is not to give up, because it may seem impossible, but it is not. there is a saying I often hear: after every climb there is always a discesca and that's what I've learned in these years. We have to experiment a lot, because you never stop learning; how many new things I learn every day... The last thing I can say is a thank you to all the friends and my brothers who offered to be the subjects of my photos, because experimenting with them I arrived at what they are now and indeed (elike every time I see them) they tell me not to forget where you starteds, in fact it is thanks to them that I arrived here. I must in particular thank the subject of the photo, who is one of the friends with whom I lived my growth, so thank you very much Marta for offering you as a model of my photos. you can follow my social pages and also those of my friend, I leave the links below:

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