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DaggiM PRO
DaggiM November 18, 2019
Thank you so much! I am totally flashed...and happy....and thankful....and....and....! :)

Behind The Lens

I took this photo during the "Little Festival In The Great Garden" at Herrenhausen Gardens, Hanover(Germany). This man was part of a group of acrobats and musicians. The acrobats performed a brillant show, the musicians entertained the audience with perfect jazz and blues music. This man with his bass fascinated me most - he was so deeply affiliated to his instrument and the sound of the music which flooded us all....
It was early evening - late afternoon, sun was already nearly gone - it was this special time between light and dark
I did not use any flash or continous lighting...I used a higher ISO, a large aperture and hoped for success. :) Sorry.....that's the truth.
I used my Nikon D7200 with the Nikon 55-300 lens....I took the photo freehand without any flash.
The wonderful music and this connection between the musician and his instrument were so fascinating, he was totally lost in his own world while playing this music which made the audience happy, dancing and feeling good. I wanted to catch this one moment in which the viewer is able to see what I saw and felt at this special moment during the festival. I hope it turned out well.
I gave the photo a bit less saturation and a matt shine, I denoised a bit. That's it.
In my camera bag
Wow, that totally depends on what I want to do....landscape? city? macro? portrait? Normally I go with my Nikon D7200 with the Sigma 18-200 lens. Some power packs of course. Special events need special equipement I have a lot of special lenses and filters.....but I don't take them always with me.
No special advices - be brave and try. Practice, practice, practice....accept that you will make thousands of bad photos until you will get this one you really like. Trust in your knowledge, your heart, your eyes and your emotions.....and try to catch it and put it on/in a picture. And stay calm, have fun, don't try to force it.....photography is love, passion, fun....

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