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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC. The RAD has some amazing graffiti art and run down buildings for shooting in and around. This particular location used to be where a warehouse building stood before it burned down. The remains were cleared out and turned into a storage area for semi trailers and construction tools.
I believe this photo was taken later in the day, when the sun was getting ready to set.
I used natural lighting for this shot. The sun was lower than ideal, but was still casting just enough light between the trailers to highlight my model without the need for additional light.
I used a Nikon d850 with my 35mm lens.
We had shot around a few of the trailers already, but when we saw that the tire on this trailer had plenty if sitting room we had to use it. We tried multiple seated poses but this one stood out as one of the best.
This is actually the second version of this picture that I've posted here, and my favorite of the two. For this I mainly stayed in camera raw to process the image and play with colors. Afterward I desaturated some of the shadows, and added a slight flare between the trailers in the background. The blue hair and yellow glasses were brought out a bit, and I added sharpening as well.
In my camera bag
In my bag I carry my d850 as a primary camera, and my d810 as a backup. I also have 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 105mm lenses. I'll occasionally carry my manfrotto tripod, as well as my Came TV rgb light bar.
Utilize the light of the scene and the elements within, and dont be afraid to play with the colors. Sometimes the natural and unnatural blend very well together.

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