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Behind The Lens

This image is composition from different locations . firstly the dunes are at port Stephens nsw , massive dunes here and a great place to shoot images next to the beach. the background is taken at Santorini Greece , i wanted a foreign feel to the isolation of the shoot.
Both images were taken late morning , the light matched well
I often take images in mid harsh lighting , i do like the high contrast it gives to an image , I just about always use the available lighting .
Nikon 300 s at the time with a 70-200 2.8 lens
Love to feel isolation in remote areas to shoot , these dunes feature a lot in my viewbug portfolio , i had wanted to shoot a model in Santorini but never had the chance so i created my own with a local model .
Yes the image is a composite of the model and dunes and backdrop of Greece , i do try various locations from my own travels to add to some composites , you will find also some Venice images which are composites for me.
In my camera bag
At the moment i have a Nikon d4 , for sports and fast work , A Nikon D850 for high res portrait work , Also a new Nikon Z 6 for on set stills and various shoots. All have a reason at different times for use. Lenses , my go to lenses are 24-70 2.8 Nikon 70-200 2.8 Nikon, 50mm1.4 Nikon, 105 prime 1.4 Nikon And for sports a sigma 300mm 2.8 prime , plus various things like flash ,pocket wizards , Lume cube and when I'm in various places a fav 15mm sigma lens for fun , dance shots etc.
Well sometimes all the elements you visualize are not possible , so why not create that image in your head? My favorite saying is from Einstein ......IMAGINATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWLEDGE......believe in yourself , take a lot of images for backdrops , locations , a dark alley or a doorway then you never have a copyright issue with all the ingredients as your own.

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