1962 Mercury Comet 2dr Station Wagon

Owned & Operated. 05-26-19 Inaugural Test Flight and Photoshoot.

Owned & Operated. 05-26-19 Inaugural Test Flight and Photoshoot.
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Greenaway September 09, 2019
Thank you for the Staff Fav Award. I have since sold this car, so it's just a memory now, which makes it extra special to be acknowledged like this. Very grateful, Bruce

Behind The Lens

This image was shot in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, about 40 minutes north of me, at an undisclosed location.
It was shot mid afternoon (2:45pm) on May 26th 2019
Natural lighting, moderate sun cloud mix and I used the automatic "sun" white balance setting over a manual set up.
I shot this with my SONY A7iii, hand held, using my Canon 70-200 II 2.8IS with Sigma MC11 adapter. (Since then I have sold the Canon lens for the SONY G-Master 70-200 2.8, which is much faster and more responsive than adapting the Canon to SONY)
I had been working on this car for a year, it had been months of aggravating setbacks, frustrations and learning curves, the car is rare, a one year only car, making parts very hard to source - so the day it was road worthy, I wanted to do a portrait of the finished product - I was pretty proud of the accomplishment. A few years back, I had found this weird little dead end road just north of me, that (I think) is used by the trucks that paint the dividing lines on the roads as some sort of a testing ground for their sprayers maybe?, so there are random yellow and white lines painted up and down the strip. I shot my other vintage car there and thought it was the perfect location to shoot this old Hot Rod station wagon. Turns out this image has got a lot of attention with the Viewbug community as well as different social medias, so my location assumption was correct - who knew?
The only post processing I had to do was brighten up (saturate) the colours a few degrees in Photoshop CS6, everything else, including the angle, I just nailed. I'm not that good, there was a lot of other shots taken that afternoon at varying distances and angels, but this one clearly stood out amongst all the others. It's hard to see exactly which angle is the exact right angle when you're shooting a car like this. I was going with my gut, and knew I was in the ballpark, but you can only really tell once it's up on the screen.
In my camera bag
I travel as light as possible, I use the LowePRO Slingshot 200AW, it seems to work best for me. I have tried various styles and sized bags, but I keep going back to this one, it's not perfect, but it's the one that suits me best. I wish it was a just a "little bit" bigger, the next available size up is too big (for me). Inside it I have my SONY A7iii, along with my G-Master 70-200, my Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART, and my Sigma 24mm 1.4 ART. I will occasionally swap out my Sigma 24mm for my Canon 16-35 2.8 with MC11 if I need the extra wide. (also batteries, lens cloths, a few extra memory cards, a power bar in case I get hungry, small bottle of water if it fits etc.)
My only advice, if you are going to shoot old cars, is don't be afraid to get dirty. If you want to capture this kind of a funky angle, you're basically lying on the road, (don't kneel on a pebble and watch out for fire ants if you're in a rural area - you're fresh meat to biting insects if your lying on the asphalt for any length of time). Really look at the car, every car (ESPECIALLY VINTAGE CARS) are uniquely designed (unlike today's cars) with different lines, trim packages and cool design features. Vintage cars are awesome. Usually the grill/front end will define the car, its the car's face, this is where you should start. Some cars can actually look better from the rear depending on the set up?, really take your time to look at the overall car and it's design before you start shooting, then go hog wild. Location would be the other thing to consider, try (if possible) to put the car in a unique location, this shot has a race track feel but it would also look pretty awesome parked next to a Lamborghini.

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