Just vor fun Shooting with Model Sarah B and Visa Gabriela Dobritzhofer.
We played around with different kinds of Makeup. I love this kind of Shootings...
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Just vor fun Shooting with Model Sarah B and Visa Gabriela Dobritzhofer.
We played around with different kinds of Makeup. I love this kind of Shootings. No Stress, no pressure, just Fun :-D
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Behind The Lens

I took the picture in my studio in Salzburg. In it I have all possibilities concerning light setting
The photo was taken in the evening. This is another advantage of a studio. One is completely independent of weather and daylight.
For this picture I only used a big Beautydish. In order to avoid the hotspot which is caused by such light shapers, I put on a white diffusor hood. You can also do this with a transparent screen or a softbox. The flash head was set to relatively high power to work with a small aperture. Positioned was the light slightly to the right and slightly above her head. Also the distance between subject and light source was relatively small. Thus the radiating surface is large in relation to the subject and the light is not too hard.
I used a Canon Mark IV with an EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM. the camera settings were 1/125sec; f/13; ISO100 The Blitz was a Bowens 500pro with your 70cm Beautydish and diffusor hood on a Manfrotto rolling tripod.
Inspired to the photo have me these unbelievable lips of the model. In addition she has almost perfect teeth. As a small addition I sprayed with a spray bottle some water on the arm of the model. Thereby these small drops in the hair are developed.
In the post-processing I only removed a few small skin blemishes with Photoshop. In Lightroom I added the warm tone. But I made sure that the teeth stay white.
In my camera bag
In my Bag i have a Canon Eos1 X and a Eos 5 mark IV. If it goes dirty sometimes i take the Eos 5 mIII. For the studio, I almost pack just fixed focal lengths. For traveling i use zoom lenses. Most of my Lenses are from the professional line. Two canon 600RT Flashes with the canon radio trigger and a carbon tripod For easy and quick shootings i have a small Bag with an Eos R, EF 24-105mm F4 For on Location Shootings i use two Profoto B1 and Two Profoto B10
If you want to take such a photo I can only recommend to go to the studio. You don't need an expensive flash system. Because it's all very cramped a weaker flash is enough. The same result can be achieved with such or similar Shootings also with a Durchlichtschirm. Important for such close-ups is that your model has as clean a skin as possible and can fully engage with it.

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