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Lisbon street art

Lisbon street art
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Winner in wall art from free hand Photo Challenge
People's Choice in Entrale Photo Challenge
Winner in Colors Photo Challenge
Winner in Colourful Mural Photo Challenge
People's Choice in Walls Photo Challenge
Winner in Graffiti Photo Challenge
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Outstanding Creativity
Hitthepenny staceygensel WestinOz mariadel AsanteArt photoflea donbenderphotography +14
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Eddie_Bulfin HannahG7 Pjerry warrenmclaughlin joeMedrek shelleyjacques Bazz +6
Superb Composition
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Absolute Masterpiece
deekaycee winnerslens31 shukriabduljalil lukas_strout VICX trishzimmerman gordie16 +1
Magnificent Capture
Willowtree64 ChristineW baybig ruthtomlinson Iswift
All Star
Confalonieri VioletStevenson PhilC enriquekapie


douglasunger Rixxpixx bobbytaylor71 LotusRadiante lekahuie trishzimmerman vitor +2
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The Eyes Photo ContestTop 20 rank
The Eyes Photo ContestTop 10 rank week 1
Empty Streets Photo ContestTop 30 rank
Capture The Eye Photo ContestTop 30 rank
Capture The Eye Photo ContestTop 30 rank week 1
Graffiti Art Photo ContestTop 20 rank
Graffiti Art Photo ContestTop 30 rank week 1
Colors In The City Photo Contest 2019Top 20 rank
Colors In The City Photo Contest 2019Top 20 rank week 1
Diagonals And Composition Photo ContestTop 30 rank
Creative Visions Photo ContestTop 30 rank
Creative Visions Photo ContestTop 20 rank week 1
Covers Photo Contest Volume4Top 20 rank
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Hood PRO+
Hood May 17, 2019
Very cool Eelco and great composition!
Hood PRO+
Hood July 28, 2019
The eyes have it!!! Congrstulations Eelco...excellent, interesting shot!
michellemorris66 August 03, 2019
Congratulations on Peoples Choice. Great Photo. :)
HoneyHarper August 28, 2019
Thank you So much for joining my challenge.
Bazz PRO+
Bazz August 17, 2020
Great find! Thank you for joining my Graffiti and Wall Art Challenge! Good Luck!
deekaycee Ultimate
deekaycee Mar 26
Really cool, Eelco!
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the historic centre of Lisbon, Portugal.
It was about 2 PM on a blazing hot summers day.
The sun stood high in the sky but didn't touch the wall directly, the light reflected nicely from the opposite side..
I have a Lumix DMC-TZ100, all my photos are taken with this little miracle of a camera...The best thing about this camera is that it has a good Leica lens and it is very easy to carry with you because it practically fits in your back pocket. I didn't use any extra equipment, I took the photo spontaniously free out of hand.
Climbing up these stairs the eyes are following everybody and kind of leading the eye to the top. I tried to find a balance between the steps and the eyes with the focus of the photo on the eyes.
I did some post-processing in lightroom. Apart from cropping, I enhanced the colors a bit and took some of the hard shadows out of the steps to get the focus more on the eyes. I also lowered the highlights a bit.
In my camera bag
I don't have any equipment in my bag (yet) I am a beginning photographer and I am learning to use a camera, to look for the good light, composition and point of view. One day when I know how to use and set the camera well enough, I will start to think about a bag filled with technical things instead of the need to understand how it works first...
When you are photographing in narrow spaces with a standard lens, you have to choose your POV very carefully. This photo was taken with my camera flat against the wall in the lower corner...I choose my camera settings first because I couldn't see my screen anymore when I took the photo. Another problem is the distorted perspective you might get, but this problem is easily resolved in Lightroom, as well as in other editing programes. To be able to do this you have to shoot a wider area because you will end up with a smaller photo. Once edited and straigtened out, the photo looks more relaxed and natural. Crop and edit the photo in different ways, so you can choose the best one the next day when you can have a fresh look at them!

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