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Mallard Duck In Flight





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Dave_MMXXII Platinum
Dave_MMXXII May 16, 2019
Ah didn't know you had Mallard Ducks in America, ah thought they were just native to the UK an Europe
Sandypartlow4 PRO+
Sandypartlow4 May 28, 2019
RickL PRO+
RickL July 22, 2019
Exceptional photography
thunderlake PRO+
thunderlake July 25, 2019
Beautiful and outstanding!!!!
ellenellen PRO+
ellenellen September 30, 2019
khoitranduc November 27, 2019
Amazing shot
RockyS PRO+
RockyS February 19, 2020
Considering you shot this photo with a 600 mm lense; this is a great shot. I usually shoot birds in flight a bit faster. Good results with this photo. Thanks for sharing.
amandamccolloughmccollough February 02, 2021
Me and my daughter love the motion your abel to capture.
freelancejim Platinum
freelancejim February 02, 2021
Thank you very much:)
louloudoucet Feb 24
The colors that come through are amazing!
What are you using to capture this

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on the North Platte River in Wyoming.
It was an early spring day in May of last year. I was sitting at my favorite spot on the river when suddenly out of nowhere it seemed this male Mallard duck came flying fast and low across the river. It happened so fast that I almost missed him.
It was a beautiful spring morning, and I was only able to get one shot off because he came in so quickly. I was lucky that it was a sunny morning.
I shot this with my Canon 6d Mark ii, and my long lens, a Tamron 150-600mm. As a wildlife photographer, this lens is my favorite lens because it gives me the opportunity to catch those long-distance shots.
As a wildlife photographer in Wyoming, I am most often out in the wild somewhere looking for that winning shot, that we all want, and keeps us going. There is never a dull moment when one is a nature/wildlife photographer, and I love spending most of my time outdoors.
I always do some post-processing in Adobe Lightroom, even if it's simply cropping the edges or giving the photo a little more clarity.
In my camera bag
When I go out to photograph nature and wildlife, I always carry my Canon 6d mark ii and my Sony a6000, as well as several lenses, extra batteries, cleaning materials, and hoods for my lens.
The best advice I could give someone that is interested in doing wildlife photography is to learn to be patient and practice practice practice. I find it necessary to scope out certain areas, at different times of the day to see what and when an animal will show up. There are days when you may not see anything, and then there are days when get the opportunity see the very scene or wildlife you were hoping for.

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