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sunset in a globe

sunset in a globe
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a North Shore isolated beach on Maui. Located between Mama's Fish House and Ho'okipa windsurfers beach.I have very little experience with the lens ball so I thought I would experiment with it. We here on Maui do not have street light filling the night sky in bigger cities so we have to get creative
I loved how this image came out, all natural with bokeh in the background and little starbursts on the glass reflecting the time of day in the late afternoon. Near the summers the colors of sunset come back so I am anxious to get out and see if I can capture the sunset in the lens ball this way.If you look close we can see the time of day was around 4pm as the sun was slipping toward the horizon.
I was able to capture in the lens ball itself all I could see in the landscape. Maui's traditionally bright sun is a challenge at times but it can work for you as well, capturing shadows, silhouettes and more. With natural small starbursts from the sunlight and the particles of sand illuminated made for great bokeh in the background. Here I got low and played with the angle to get the entire scene into the lens ball.
This was taken with a Sony A 7RII,Sony FE 90mm F2.8 Macro lens, no flash, as only natural light was needed. Handheld and Patience and creativity
What is not inspiring about Maui landscapes, beach scenes, sunsets and seascapes? That day I wanted to try something different, trying the lens ball here with Maui landscape.It is about being creative and using my vision to do it. I know in todays world many great shots can be created in the software but I aspire to capture the shot naturally & emphasis it's beauty
This is a natural shot but when I do use software I do just enhance what is already there. Photoshop, Lightroom, Topaz, and Corel are just a few softwares to do just that and more.
In my camera bag
I primarily use the Sony A 7RII with a SEL 18-200mm F 3.5-6.3 lens and a Sony FE 90mm F 2.8 Macro. I also carry a backup , the Canon Rebel 5 but rarely use it anymore. It is always wise to carry MORE. In my backpack extras of everything including car chargers, plenty of batteries and memory cards as I shoot in RAW format.I carry also the tripod and monopod with me and an umbrella, flashlight, and Macro tubes.Always learning and so my equipment grows with it. I don't forget the business cards and ipad. I try to be prepared for any shot that could come along.Feedback
I am a landscape photographer primarily so I need Patience and lots of it at times! Take risks, shoot outside your comfort zone and get creative, get low, get high, shoot in the dark, shade and sun, shoot everything and then go with what feels right for YOU.I have learned alot more since taking this photo as I always am inspired to keep learning. Look at the angle, composition, what is it you want your viewers to know about the subject? Do you have tripod, optics clean, batteries, card in place? In other words I have learned to be in the moment and really think and compose the shot I want. Sometimes I do and sometimes I forget but no matter what I just do it! I always stay open to learn more! I try to really pay attention to what I love, the creativity and not be a cookie cutter version of someones else ideas, I like to create my own and of late I am drawn to macro and bokeh shots. Here on Maui the landscape is stunning but also limiting on an island so I am always looking for ways to recreate the scene.

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