Sarasin and Chocolate Pie





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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in my home studio in Nantes (France). I am a pro photographer for 2 years from now, but its my passion for about 20 years.
It was taken in the afternoon but with studio lights there is no incidence about the external light
I wanted to shoot the pie as a packshot for publicity photography. Food is a question of taste but you disgust first with your eyes. I decided to shoot with a single studio flash and white background. It became artistic with the use of lense.
This shot was made with a Canon EOS 50D (my old friend has more than 20 000 shots now !), with 50mm F/1.8 made by canon. For the lights I use a single studio flash 400w (its a base light). What else ? I use a single sheet of white blank paper 60x90cm and mini tripod. And of course, with the courtesy of my wife, the chocolate pie and some fresh sarasin.
Its not what what but who !!! Its simply my wife ! She told me "you always shoots cities, womans, and so much things and never my pastries !" So challenge accepted ! And thats the origin of this shot. Now we organize diffrent shoots about her pastry and she loves to share with her community on instagram.
Just a little bit for the colorimetry and to erase some dust on my lense but that's it. I always prefer not to touch my photos but in numeric you dont have choice. It helps sublimate your photos and get all litlle defaults out of the picture.
In my camera bag
Its always the same. Canon EOS 50D - 50mm F/1.8 by canon - 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6 by Sigma - Mini Tripod - Cobra Flash - 2 batteries - 2 CF cards 32 go - Uv filter - ND filter - And some tissues for lenses - I also have 2 or 3 little torch lights for lightpainting
Take your time and dont hesitate to shoot from many angles. Make the focus to different parts of pie or decor. Always use the max diaph you can get (here its 1.8). Do a maximum photos afterall with the numeric you can permit it to yourself. And the most important, take pleasure of what you doing. Its your passion and its have no price. Do it with your heart ! I think it makes a difference in the final result.

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