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jimhelmick Apr 16
Superb photo.

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken from the inside of the Louvre,
It was about 10 a.m. in the morning of a cold January day in Paris. I choose that day to visit the Louvre because the forecast predict lot of rain and a low temperature day . The day was in fact cloudy and dark but just before I enter the Louvre the sky let pass a nice warm orange color. By the time I've enter the Louvre museum I couldn't stop thinking that perhaps that would be a nice day to take photos of Paris instead of be inside the museum.
Once inside, absorbed and inspired by all the art exhibited in the museum I remove my thinking about shooting Paris that day but not completely since I never lost a chance to peek the outside. For my surprise in the gallery that faces the main entrance of the museum a huge window allow me to take an unusual perspective of the main square . The midmorning came with a delicious warm light that have established the mood of this photo.
I've used a Canon 5ds , an EF 24-105 mm canon lens a small and a small manfroto tripod.
Taking photos of Paris was one of the reasons for this trip. Paris is one of the most photographed cities in the world. I have saw many beautiful photos of Paris that have inspired me. I've travel to Paris with Intention to have fun trying to return with one or two good photos even knowing that was not the best season of the year to take photos of Paris..
Very few post-processing. Some highlights/shadows adjustment and some color tone adjustment as far I remember.
In my camera bag
It depends how light I want to be. For travelling, along with the camera, a pair of lenses, a light tripod, cards, extra batteries, some ND filters and recently a drone.
Never give up of the day. Even when the day and circumstances looks bad for photography there's be the time and chance to take nice photos. Just keep your self focused in discovering the right time, the right light and spot. In the rare case that doesn't happens enjoy the search. Photography it's all about having fun.

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